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, 16 (6), 345-7

Genetics of the Immune Response to Gluten in Coeliac Disease


Genetics of the Immune Response to Gluten in Coeliac Disease

L M Sollid. Dig Dis.


Accumulating evidence indicates that coeliac disease (CD) is a multifactorial disorder where several heritable factors in conjunction with environmental factors are involved in the disease development. Gluten proteins are a critical environmental factor as the presence of disease in affected individuals is strictly dependent on dietary gluten exposure. Most likely coeliac patients have genetically shaped immune responses to gluten proteins that cause intestinal pathology. Many of the CD genes thus supposedly encode variants of proteins with immune functions. HLA has been identified as a major genetic factor, but yet no further genes have been identified. There probably exist several predisposing non-HLA genes, but available data indicate that the heritable contribution by each of them can be small. Combined genetic and functional studies will hopefully identify additional predisposing genes in the future.

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