Association of growth hormone loci with milk yield traits in Holstein bulls

J Dairy Sci. 1999 Apr;82(4):788-94. doi: 10.3168/jds.S0022-0302(99)75297-5.


A pedigree analysis was used to investigate the association of bovine growth hormone loci with milk production traits of Holstein cattle. Holstein bulls were typed for three bovine growth hormone loci located in exon V, intron C, and the 3' region of the gene. Phenotypic data were daughter yield deviations for milk, fat, and protein yields and for fat and protein percentages. Analysis of linkage across families was applied to the data using one or two bovine growth hormone loci as markers linked to a putative biallelic quantitative trait locus. Estimated parameters were allele frequency, genotypic means, within-genotype standard deviation of a putative quantitative trait locus, and recombination fraction between the markers and the quantitative trait locus. Parameters were estimated by maximum likelihood techniques. The estimated frequency of the quantitative trait locus allele that decreased the value of the phenotype ranged from 0.1 for milk yield to 0.6 for protein yield. The estimated effect of an allele substitution at the quantitative trait locus, given in phenotypic standard deviation units, ranged from 0.75 for fat percentage to 1.6 for milk yield. The standard deviation within genotype ranged from 0.67 for fat yield to 0.87 for milk yield. The estimated recombination fraction was close to zero for protein percentage, indicating physical linkage between a quantitative trait locus affecting the trait and the bovine growth hormone loci.

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