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, 11 (3), 242-8

T Cell Antigen-Receptor Signal Transduction


T Cell Antigen-Receptor Signal Transduction

J E van Leeuwen et al. Curr Opin Immunol.


During the past year, major progress has been made in understanding proximal TCR signal-transduction events. Cbl has been identified as a negative regulator of kinases from the ZAP-70/Syk family. Studies on LAT, SLP-76, Itk and Vav have revealed their role in the activation of Ras and phospholipase-Cgamma1-Ca2+ signalling pathways. TCR-induced cytoskeletal changes involve signalling through SLP-76-Vav-Nck to activate effectors of the Rho-family of GTPases. Finally, glycolipid-enriched microdomains play a crucial role in T cell activation.

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