Unilateral Agenesis of Internal Carotid Artery with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Report of Two Cases

Int J Angiol. 1999 Jun;8(3):157-160. doi: 10.1007/BF01616445.


Internal carotid artery (ICA) is a rare anomaly of embryologic development. Digital subtraction angiography examination showed no visualization of the ICA on the right side in a 30-year-old male patient and on the left side in a 47-year-old female patient. Computed tomography (CT) revealed the absence of the corresponding bony carotid canal. Doppler examinations of the common carotid and external carotid arteries on the affected sides demonstrated high-resistance flow characteristics. Two cases of ICA agenesis with subarachnoid hemorrhage were presented and the literature is reviewed.http://link.springer-ny.com/link/service/journals/00547/bibs/8n3p157.html