Linkage relationships of the Z-linked silver, slow feathering, and pop-eye loci

Poult Sci. 1999 Aug;78(8):1100-1. doi: 10.1093/ps/78.8.1100.


A three-point genetic linkage test was conducted to establish linear relationships of the Z-linked loci pop-eye (POP*), silver (S*), and rate of feathering (K*). Linkage values obtained in a back cross were POP* - 17.8 - S* - 2.4 - K* (n = 169). The POP* - K* distance was 19.0, supporting this linear order. The data support the previous assignment of POP* to the short arm of the Z chromosome. Based on previous reports, of the three loci studied, POP* is closest to the centromere.

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