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, 45 (5), 784-90

Gastric Epithelial Dysplasia


Gastric Epithelial Dysplasia

G Y Lauwers et al. Gut.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Low grade dysplasia, adenomatous type. (A) Large tubules resembling colonic adenomas. (B) At higher magnification, the cells have elongated, closely packed nuclei with dense chromatin. They are confined to the basal half of the cells and retain their polarity.
Figure 2
Figure 2
High grade type II (hyperplastic) dysplasia. (A) Closely packed glands with mild luminal festooning. (B) At higher magnification, the cells display oval/round open nuclei with prominent nucleoli and frequent mitoses can be seen. The nuclei reach the apical region of the cells and their polarity is partially lost.

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