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, 33 (1), 19-24

Schizoid and Narcissistic Features in Personality Structure Diagnosis


Schizoid and Narcissistic Features in Personality Structure Diagnosis

F Geiser et al. Psychopathology.


Objective: This study examines the relationship between schizoid and narcissistic personality features. While the schizoid personality disorder seems widely accepted as a diagnostic category, the utility of the narcissistic personality disorder construct is under discussion. We regard schizoidism as a primary, structural disturbance of interaction with the world, whereas narcissism appears as a secondary phenomenon of self-organization and self-regulation. This study focuses on the question, whether these features are correlated or interact with each other in personality structure.

Method: A standardized narcissism inventory is being applied to a group of schizoid and nonschizoid patients.

Results: Only 1 of 18 narcissism scales differentiates significantly between these patient groups. By cluster analysis, the group of schizoid patients is divided into two subgroups characterized by their higher or lower narcissism scores. These are contiguous to existing descriptions of an active/fighting and a passive/evading schizoid subtype.

Conclusion: 'Schizoid' and 'narcissistic' personality features can be regarded as distinct, but complementary personality conditions.

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