Continuous assessment of intraocular pressure - telematic transmission, even under flight- or space mission conditions

Eur J Med Res. 2000 Jan 26;5(1):2-4.


Fluid shift after entering into microgravity, but also under equivalent flight conditions leads to enormous increase of intraocular pressure. To assess this precisely position - and gravity independent, handsome, automatic tonometers have been developed (German-Spacelab D1-Mission, German-Spacelab D2-Mission, German-Russian-MIR-Mission) telemetric transmission of measuring results of course would find scientific but also functional interest. The same is true for recently designed automatic intraocular pressure sensors, registering intraocular pressure continuously, day and night. Also recently designed new automatic ophthalmodynamometer, allowing directly to assess the intracranial pressure, but also perfusion pressure within the eye also could benefit from a direct telemetric transmission. New technical solutions allowing for the first time even telematic data transmission, are reported.

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