Physical map of 17p13 and the genes adjacent to p53

Genomics. 2000 Jan 1;63(1):60-8. doi: 10.1006/geno.1999.6062.


Genetic lesions in the p53 tumor suppressor gene are the most frequently observed alterations in human cancers. Typically in tumors, one allele of the p53 gene is initially mutated, followed by deletion of the remaining wildtype allele. In human colon cancer, for example, approximately 70% of late stage tumors are hemizygous mutant p53. Since the precise gene environment surrounding the p53 gene is not known, the neighboring genes concomitantly lost with wildtype p53 deletion remain undetermined. A restriction enzyme map and clone array of 1.1 Mb surrounding the p53 gene were constructed using a combination of YAC, BAC, NotI linking, and NotI jumping clones. The resulting physical map and clone array include approximately 400 kb telomeric and 700 kb centromeric to the p53 gene. Sequence determination and analysis adjacent to NotI and AscI sites, indicative of CpG islands, allowed the rapid identification of numerous genes within the cloned region. Twenty-seven transcription units were identified, including 18 characterized genes. Limited analysis of primary human colon tumors, hemizygous for the p53 gene, indicates loss of the entire 1.1-Mb region upon deletion of wildtype p53.

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