Use of glass slides coated with apatite-collagen complexes for measurement of osteoclastic resorption activity

J Biomed Mater Res. 2000 May;50(2):153-9. doi: 10.1002/(sici)1097-4636(200005)50:2<153::aid-jbm9>;2-r.


This study was designed to evaluate the use of apatite-collagen complexes (ACC) coated onto glass slides for measurement of osteoclastic resorption activity. ACC-coated glass slides were prepared by immersion in beta-glycerophosphate solution for 7-14 days after glass slides coated with type I collagen had been treated with alkaline phosphatase and phosvitin. Osteoclast-containing cell suspensions were prepared from the long bones of 1-day-old rabbits and were seeded in medium 199 (containing 10% FBS) onto ACC-coated glass slides. After allowing the cells to attach for 1.5 h, the glass slides were incubated for periods of up to 96 h. The cells were observed by scanning electron microscopy and cytochemically for tartarate resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) activity. Some slides were treated with FITC-phalloidin and anti-type I collagen antibody. TRAP-positive multinucleated cells were located in transparent spaces on the glass slides. These spaces did not stain immunohistochemically with anti-type I collagen antibody. Podosome formation was observed in the multinucleated cells facing the edge of the transparent spaces. The scanning electron microscopy demonstrated well-spread large cells located on the flattened surface on apatite particles covering the glass surface. Our results suggest that osteoclasts could resorb the apatite particles and coated collagen on the glass slide. The resorption lacunae appeared as transparent spaces, and the cytoskeleton of resorbing osteoclasts was observed in these spaces. ACC-coated glass slides could be useful for investigating the function and metabolic activities of osteoclasts.

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