Ethnicity, Type of Obesity Surgery and Weight Loss

Obes Surg. 1993 Nov;3(4):375-380. doi: 10.1381/096089293765559061.


In our study we compared weight loss among non-Hispanic whites (NHW), black Afro-Americans (BAA) and Hispanic Americans (HA) following vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG) and vertical banded gastroplastygastric bypass (VBG-RGB). From a total of 1222 patients, 662 qualified for the study (471 VBG, 211 VBG-RGB) based on type of surgery, follow-up and ethnicity. When comparing percentage excess weight loss, VBG-RGB patients lost significantly more than VBG patients. VBG-RGB was also a more efficacious operation when comparing each ethnic group separately. For female patients undergoing VBG, BAA and HA lost significantly less weight than NHW. Ethnicity plays an important role In post surgical weight loss for VBG patients and should be considered along with other more recognized predictors when reporting results. The discrepancy in weight loss reported by various authors following VBG could be the result of differences in the ethnic composition of their patients. Poor weight loss among BAA and HA females undergoing VBG should be an Indication for a more aggressive surgical approach in these ethnic groups. Because VBG produces only moderate weight loss, VBG-RGB is our preferred operation.