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Case Reports
, 54 (1), 41-4

[Eye Injuries Caused by an Eclipse of the Sun]

[Article in Croatian]
  • PMID: 10872275
Case Reports

[Eye Injuries Caused by an Eclipse of the Sun]

[Article in Croatian]
S Sefić-Kasumović et al. Med Arh.


Two patients with macula damage following sungazing are reported. Visual acuity was damaged, gentle central scotoma in automated perimetry (Octopus) was presented same as lower A wave in ERG and small macular hyperfluorescency in fluorescein angiography. Funduscopy findings were macular changes similar to macular semirupture. In one month all pathologic symptoms disappeared. The only safe prevention is that by Mylar folia that completely prevent eye injury from sungazing.

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