Subtelomeric familial translocation t(2;7)(q37;q35) leading to partial trisomy 7q35-->qter: molecular cytogenetic analysis and clinical phenotype in two generations

Am J Med Genet. 2000 Aug 28;93(5):349-54.


Few patients with trisomy of the most distal region of chromosome 7q have been described. We report on a familial translocation t(2;7)(q37;q35) leading to trisomy 7q35-->7qter in a child and her paternal uncle and a minimal deletion of distal 2q as demonstrated by FISH with probes located in the chromosome 2q subtelomeric region. The clinical phenotype included macrocephaly and low-set ears, also found in other reported patients trisomic for the distal part of chromosome 7q. Phenotypic findings probably useful for the clinical diagnosis include normal size at birth, large head with frontal bossing, low-set ears of normal shape, small nose and low nasal bridge, feeding difficulties in infancy, and severe neurodevelopmental delay.

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