New classification for the composite genus Aedes (Diptera: Culicidae: Aedini), elevation of subgenus Ochlerotatus to generic rank, reclassification of the other subgenera, and notes on certain subgenera and species

J Am Mosq Control Assoc. 2000 Sep;16(3):175-88.


The composite genus Aedes is divided into 2 genera, Aedes and Ochlerotatus, on the basis of consistent primary characters of the female and male genitalia. Ochlerotatus is separated into 2 sections. Additional supplemental features of the female and male genitalia, 4th-stage larvae, and pupae are provided for the separation of the genera and sections as well as a discussion of exceptions and comparisons. This classification is based on a morphological examination of specimens of over 65% of the currently recognized species and all subgenera previously included in Aedes and representative material of all subgenera and genera of tribe Aedini. Published literature was examined and evaluated. All currently recognized subgenera are assigned to the appropriate genus. The proposed new generic classification provides better defined genera and a more natural arrangement of included taxa. Armigerini is formally recognized as a synonym, in part, of Aedini.

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