Production and radiochemical separation of the Auger electron emitter 140Nd

Acta Oncol. 2000;39(6):727-30. doi: 10.1080/028418600750063794.


Among the Auger electron emitters, the radiolanthanide 140Nd has some unique nuclear properties with potential for endoradiotherapeutic applications. In the present study, 140Nd was produced via the 140Ce(3He,3n) nuclear process at the FZ Jülich CV28 cyclotron, irradiating CeO2 with 3He particles of 36 MeV primary energy. Yields of about 5 MBq 140Nd per microAh were experimentally obtained. Batch yields of > 100 MBq 140Nd were reached. 140Nd was separated in 75 +/- 5% radiochemical yield using a two-step process, first by extracting the bulk of the target material according to a Ce(IV)/Nd(III) separation, then by final ion exchange purification.

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