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, 19 (5), 373-7

Isolation of a Raw Starch-Binding Fragment From Barley Alpha-Amylase


Isolation of a Raw Starch-Binding Fragment From Barley Alpha-Amylase

D W Wong et al. J Protein Chem.


Barley alpha-amylase was purified by ammonium sulfate fraction, ion-exchange, ultrafiltration, and gel filtration to homogeneity. The purified enzyme was partially digested with trypsin, and the reaction mixture was applied to a cyclohepta-amylose epoxy Sepharose 6B column. Bound fragments were eluted by free cyclohepta-amylose, lyophilized, and separated on Tricine gels. Four fragments were shown to interact with beta-cyclodextrin. The fragment that could be identified on the gel with the lowest molecular weight (11 kDa) was electroblotted onto PVDF membrane for sequencing. The N-terminal sequence of this fragment was determined with the N-terminal amino acid corresponding to Ala283 in the whole protein. The trypsin cleavage was at Lys282/Ala283 and the C-terminal cleavage occurred at Lys354/Ile355 to give a fragment size of 11 kDa as estimated by SDS-PAGE. The fragment would be located at the C-terminal region, forming a majority of the antiparallel beta-sheets in domain C and the alpha7- and alpha8-helices of the (alpha/beta)8 domain.

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