Detection of QTL for milk production on Chromosomes 1 and 6 of Holstein cattle

Mamm Genome. 2001 Jan;12(1):27-31. doi: 10.1007/s003350010232.


Seventy to 75 sons of each of six Holstein sires were assayed for genotypes at a number of microsatellite loci spanning Chromosomes (Chrs) 1 and 6. The number of informative loci varied from three to eight on each chromosome in different sire families. Linkage order and map distance for microsatellite loci were estimated using CRI-MAP. Estimates of QTL effect and location were made by using a least squares interval mapping approach based on daughter yield deviations of sons for 305-d milk, fat, protein yield, and fat and protein percentage. Thresholds for statistical significance of QTL effects were determined from interval mapping of 10,000 random permutations of the data across the bull sire families and within each sire family separately. Across-sire analyses indicated a significant QTL for fat and protein yield, and fat percentage on Chr 1, and QTL effects on milk yield and protein percentage that might represent one or two QTL on Chr 6. Analyses within each sire family indicated significant QTL effects in five sire families, with one sire possibly being heterozygous for two QTLs. Statistically significant estimates of QTL effects on breeding value ranged from 340 to 640 kg of milk, from 15.6 to 28.4 kg of fat, and 14.4 to 17.6 kg of protein.

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