Polyamines of the hyperthermophilic archaebacteria belonging to the genera Thermococcus and Methanothermus and two new genera Caldivirga and Palaeococcus

Microbios. 2001;104(408):105-14.


Cellular polyamines of eight new thermophilic archaebacteria were investigated to determine the chemotaxonomic significance of polyamine distribution profiles. Hyperthermoacidophilic Caldivirga maquilingensis belonging to the family Thermoproteaceae of the Crenarchaeota have a unique polyamine profile comprising spermidine, norspermidine and norspermine as the major polyamines. Within the order Thermococcales of the Euryarchaeota, the major polyamines of an extremely thermophilic terrestrial species of Thermococcus, T. zilligii, were spermidine and agmatine, whereas hyperthermophilic submarine species of Thermococcus and hyperthermophilic submarine Palaeococcus ferrophilus contained a quaternary branched penta-amine, N4-bis(aminopropyl)spermidine, as a major polyamine. A hyperthermophilic methanogen, Methanothermus sociabilis, belonging to Euryarchaeota, contained spermidine and spermine as the major polyamine.

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