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, 7 (4), 811-22

Cell Surface Glypicans Are Low-Affinity Endostatin Receptors


Cell Surface Glypicans Are Low-Affinity Endostatin Receptors

S A Karumanchi et al. Mol Cell.


Endostatin, a collagen XVIII fragment, is a potent anti-angiogenic protein. We sought to identify its endothelial cell surface receptor(s). Alkaline phosphatase- tagged endostatin bound endothelial cells revealing two binding affinities. Expression cloning identified glypican, a cell surface proteoglycan as the lower-affinity receptor. Biochemical and genetic studies indicated that glypicans' heparan sulfate glycosaminoglycans were critical for endostatin binding. Furthermore, endostatin selected a specific octasulfated hexasaccharide from a sequence in heparin. We have also demonstrated a role for endostatin in renal tubular cell branching morphogenesis and show that glypicans serve as low-affinity receptors for endostatin in these cells, as in endothelial cells. Finally, antisense experiments suggest the critical importance of glypicans in mediating endostatin activities.

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