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. 2001 Jun 15;74(3):352-64.
doi: 10.1006/geno.2001.6551.

Mutation Analyses of 268 Candidate Genes in Human Tumor Cell Lines


Mutation Analyses of 268 Candidate Genes in Human Tumor Cell Lines

D H Teng et al. Genomics. .


We have performed a homozygous deletion screen on 268 candidate genes in 90 human tumor cell lines derived from multiple types of cancers. Most of the candidate genes investigated have been proposed to be involved in cellular processes that are germane to cancer progression, such as cell cycle control, genome maintenance, chromatin remodeling, cell adhesion, and apoptosis. We have detected novel homozygous deletions affecting four independent loci: Brahma-related gene (SMARCA4) on chromosome 19p in the TSU-Pr1 prostate and A427 lung carcinoma lines, Map Kinase Kinase 3 (MAP2K3) on 17q in the NCI-H774 lung tumor cell line, TMPRSS2 on 21q in the Bx PC-3 pancreatic carcinoma line, and Cadherin 6 (CDH6) on 5p in the SK-LU-1 lung carcinoma line. Subsequent analyses of the coding sequences of these four genes using cDNAs from a panel of tumor cell lines revealed multiple sequence variants. The results of this mutation study serve to demonstrate the feasibility of performing high-throughput screens of candidate genes in tumor cell lines to identify genes that may be targeted for mutation during the development of cancer.

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