[Localization of a sum of acoustic signals in air by the northern fur seal]

Biofizika. May-Jun 2001;46(3):557-62.
[Article in Russian]


The localization of a sum of acoustic signals by two northern fur seals in air depending on sound parameters was investigated using the method of instrumental conditioned reflexes with food reinforcement. It was found that sound perception of northern fur seal proceeds by the binaural mechanism. The time/intensity interchange coefficient was 570 microseconds/dB for series of clicks (with amplitude maximum at 1 kHz) and 250 microseconds/dB for tonal impulses with a frequency of 1 kHz. With click amplitudes being equal, the number of approaches of the animal to the source of the first signal reached a 75% level at a delay of the second signal 0.07 ms (the minimum delay); with a delay of 6 ms (the maximum delay) and more, the fur seal, probably hears two separate signals. The minimum delay depended little on the duration of tonal impulses (with a frequency of 1 kHz) and was 0.3-0.7 ms; the maximum delay was 9-11 ms for tonal impulses with a duration of 3 ms and 37-40 ms with impulse duration 20 ms. The precedence effect became apparent at a greater delay for smooth fronts of impulses than for rectangular fronts.

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