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, 62 (9), 992-1000

Extended HLA Haplotypes in a Carib Amerindian Population: The Yucpa of the Perija Range


Extended HLA Haplotypes in a Carib Amerindian Population: The Yucpa of the Perija Range

Z Layrisse et al. Hum Immunol.


Eleven MHC loci haplotypes have been defined among a Carib speaking Amerindian population; the Yucpa, inhabiting the northern section of the Perija Range, on the limits between Colombia and Venezuela. This tribe has been known with the name of "Motilones mansos" and is located close to the Chibcha-Paeze speaking Bari or "Motilones bravos." Seventy-three full blooded Yucpa living at the villages of Aroy, Marewa, and Peraya, were selected using a genealogy previously collected by an anthropologist and tested for Bf-C4AB complement allotypes and by serology, high resolution PCR-SSO and SBT typing for HLA class 1 and class 2 alleles. Combinations of 6 HLA-A, 6 HLA-B, 5 HLA-C, 1 Bf, 3 C4AB, 3 DQA1, 3DQB1 and 2 DPA1 and 2 DPB1 alleles present in this population originate 17 different haplotypes, 3 of which represent 63% of the haplotypic constitution of the tribe. The presence of 13 individuals homozygous for 11-loci haplotypes corroborates the existence of the following allelic combinations: DRB1*0411 DQA1*03011 DQB1*0302 DPA1*01 DPB1*0402 with HLA-A*6801 C*0702 B*3909 BfS C4 32 (f = 0.3372) or with A*0204 C*0702 B*3905 (f = 0.1977) and a third haplotype which differs only in DRB1*0403 and A*2402 (f = 0.0930). The results demonstrate the isolation of the tribe and the existence of high frequencies of a reduced number of "Amerindian" ancestral and novel class 1 and class 2 alleles (B*1522, DRB1*0807) with significant linkage disequilibria. These results will be useful to test the hypothesis that differentiation of Amerindian tribal groups will have to rely on haplotypes and micropolymorphism rather than allelic lineage frequencies due to the uniformity shown thus far by the putative descendants of the original Paleo-Indians.

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