Magnetic space-group types

Acta Crystallogr A. 2001 Nov;57(Pt 6):729-30. doi: 10.1107/s0108767301006547. Epub 2001 Oct 26.


The interpretation of Opechowski-Guccione symbols for magnetic space-group types is based on coordinate triplets given in the now superceded International Tables for X-ray Crystallography [(1952), Vol. 1, edited by N. F. M. Henry & K. Lonsdale. Birmingham: Kynoch Press]. Changes to coordinate triplets in International Tables for Crystallography [(1983), Vol. A, edited by Th. Hahn. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers] lead to misinterpretations of these symbols. A list is provided here of Opechowski-Guccione symbols for the 1651 magnetic space-group types with their original definitions given independent of International Tables.