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, 3 (4), 251-8

Function of Seminal Vesicles and Their Role on Male Fertility

  • PMID: 11753468

Function of Seminal Vesicles and Their Role on Male Fertility

G F Gonzales. Asian J Androl.


The present review has been designed to update the recent developments on the function of seminal vesicles and their role on male fertility. It is indicated that the true corrected fructose level is a simple method for the assessment of the seminal vesicular function. Measurement of seminal fructose used universally as a marker of the seminal vesicle function is not an appropriate approach due to its inverse relationship with the sperm count. The true corrected fructose defined as [log. motile sperm concentration] multiplied by [seminal fructose concentration] has been shown to be a better marker of the seminal vesicle function. Seminal vesicular secretion is important for semen coagulation, sperm motility, and stability of sperm chromatin and suppression of the immune activity in the female reproductive tract. In conclusion, the function of seminal vesicle is important for fertility. Parameters as sperm motility, sperm chromatin stability, and immuno-protection may be changed in case of its hypofunction.

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