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, 42 (1), 90-95

Characterization of SMV Resistance Genes in Tousan 140 and Hourei Soybean


Characterization of SMV Resistance Genes in Tousan 140 and Hourei Soybean

I. Gunduz et al. Crop Sci.


'Tousan 140' and 'Hourei', two soybean [Glycine max (L) Merr.] accessions from Japan, each possess a single gene at different loci for resistance to Japanese Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) strain SMV C. However, more genetic information is needed to utilize these lines in a breeding program. The objectives of this study were to determine (i) the reaction of Tousan 140 and Hourei to SMV-G1 through G7 strains, (ii) the inheritance of SMV resistance in Tousan 140 and Hourei to strains SMV-G1 and G7, and (iii) the allelomorphic relationship of resistance genes in these accessions with previously known resistance genes. Tousan 140 and Hourei were crossed with SMV susceptible cultivar Lee 68 to study the inheritance of resistance. They were also crossed with lines possessing Rsv1, Rsv3, and putative Rsv4, and to each other, to elucidate the allelomorphic relationships among the genes in Tousan 140, Hourei, and previously reported genes. Inheritance and allelism studies indicated that Tousan 140 possesses two SMV resistance genes. These two genes were separated in two F(2:3) lines. One of the genes, an allele of Rsv1, expresses resistance to SMV-G1 through G3 and susceptibility to SMV-G5 through G7 while the other one, an allele of Rsv3, expresses resistance to SMV-G5 through G7 and susceptibility to SMV-G1 through G3. Their presence in Tousan 140 makes it resistant to strains SMV-G1 through G7. Hourei also is resistant to SMV-G1 through G7 and possesses two SMV resistance genes, which are also alleles of Rsv1 and Rsv3. One, probably the Rsv1 allele, expresses resistance to SMV-G1 and G7 and the other, probably the Rsv3 allele, expresses resistance to SMV-G7, but is susceptible to G1.

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