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, 10 (3), 308-18

Fifty Years Since Lashley's In Search of the Engram: Refutations and Conjectures


Fifty Years Since Lashley's In Search of the Engram: Refutations and Conjectures

D Bruce. J Hist Neurosci.


In his well-known article 'In Search of the Engram' published in 1950, Karl Spencer Lashley summarized his 33 years of research and theory on memory and the brain. He concluded that (1) memories are not localized but are instead distributed within functional areas of the cortex and (2) memory traces are not isolated cortical connections between inputs and outputs. Though not the first time he had expressed such convictions, their reiteration in this article was backed by Lashley's estimable reputation and expressive power and they have taken firm root in the collective knowledge of today's memory and neuropsychological research community.

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