Inverted gap and other cell junctions in cockroach hemocyte capsules: a thin section and freeze-fracture study

Tissue Cell. 1975;7(3):575-85. doi: 10.1016/0040-8166(75)90027-0.


Freeze-fracture and thin-section studies were done on cockroach hemocytes that had encapsulated implanted pieces of Araldite. Desmosome-like junctions and 'B' type gap junction were described. Freeze-fractured gap junctions displayed fused and clustered, but not hexagonally arrayed intramembranous practicles (approximately 130 A) on the B face and pitted areas on the A face of the plasmalemma. Gap junctions were quite numerous and counts of gap and non-gap particles indicated at least a five-fold particle density increase (4000/mu2) compared with B face particle densities (approximately 800/mu2) from free circulating blood cells where gap junctions had not been formed.

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