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, 14 (3), 357-64

The Nuclear Envelope, Lamins and Nuclear Assembly


The Nuclear Envelope, Lamins and Nuclear Assembly

James M Holaska et al. Curr Opin Cell Biol.


The nuclear lamina is composed of both A- and B-type lamins and lamin-binding proteins. Many lamin-binding proteins are integral proteins of the inner nuclear membrane. Lamins and inner nuclear membrane proteins are important for a variety of cell functions, including nuclear assembly, replication, transcription, and nuclear integrity. Recent advances in the field in the past year include the identification of a family of spectrin-repeat-containing inner nuclear membrane proteins and other novel inner-membrane proteins, and the discovery of a nuclear membrane fusion complex. There is also growing evidence that A- and B-type lamins and their binding partners have distinct roles during nuclear assembly and interphase.

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