A one year prospective study of soccer injuries in the 1992-1993 Kenyan national team

Afr J Health Sci. 1995 Nov;2(4):392-394.


Injuries are common in all sports, including soccer. Most of these injuries can be prevented if their aetiology, mechanisms and predisposing actions are analyzed. There were a total of 32 injuries in the study period. The incidence of lesions was 1.78 per match or 1.1 per player. 43.75% were contusions, 31.25% overuse and 25% sprains. 34.38% of the injuries affected the groin/thigh, 28.13% the knee and 25% the ankle. The right side of the body (65.63%) suffered more injuries. The opponent (60%), ball (12%)and the ground (10%) were the major causes. The activities during injury were running/dribbling (43.8%), tackling (18.8%) and heading (9.4%). A similar study of longer duration is recommended.