Expression of renin in large arteries outside the kidney revealed by human renin promoter/LacZ transgenic mouse

Am J Pathol. 2002 Aug;161(2):717-25. doi: 10.1016/S0002-9440(10)64227-7.


Renin plays a central role in controlling blood pressure as it catalyzes the first step in the production of angiotensin II. The aim of this study was to isolate fragments of the human renin (hREN) promoter able to direct tissue-specific and regulated expression of a LacZ reporter gene mimicking endogenous renin. We screened several hREN promoter/LacZ constructs for transgene expression in transient embryos at E15 when renin expression begins. We found that a 12-kb hREN promoter conferred high expression in the kidney at both embryonic and adult stages and that the transgene was expressed in the same cells as endogenous renin. We explored two pathophysiological models in which renin is stimulated and showed concomitant increases in beta-galactosidase and renin activities. In situ beta-galactosidase staining showed renin/transgene-expressing cells are recruited in the juxtaglomerular apparatus and in the afferent arterioles as well as in larger arteries outside the kidney. Using our model, renin expression in interlobular arteries was confirmed as being striped and, for the first time, expression of renin in larger arteries outside the kidney was shown. Therefore, this strain is a suitable model to investigate renin gene pathophysiological regulations in vivo.

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