Distinct roles of processes modulated by histone deacetylases Rpd3p, Hda1p, and Sir2p in life extension by caloric restriction in yeast

Exp Gerontol. Aug-Sep 2002;37(8-9):1023-30. doi: 10.1016/s0531-5565(02)00064-5.


Caloric restriction has been demonstrated to extend life span and postpone aging in a variety of species. The recent extension of the caloric restriction paradigm to yeast places the emphasis of the search for the longevity effectors at the cellular level. To narrow the range of potential effectors of the caloric restriction response, we have examined the effects of the histone deacetylases Rpd3p, Hda1p, and Sir2p, which have distinguishable but partially overlapping influences on global patterns of gene expression, on the life extension afforded by caloric restriction. Deletion of the RPD3 gene extended life span, and there was no additive effect of caloric restriction. Deletion of HDA1 had no effect of its own on longevity but acted synergistically with caloric restriction to increase life span. SIR2 deletion shortened life span but did not prevent extension of life span by caloric restriction. The results suggest that Rpd3p affects both processes that play an obligate and those that play a synergistic role in life extension by caloric restriction, while Hda1p and Sir2p affect processes that are not the obligate longevity effectors of caloric restriction but instead synergize with them, although in opposite directions. From the known patterns of gene expression elicited by rpd3delta, hda1delta, and sir2delta, we propose that the major longevity effectors of caloric restriction in yeast involve carbohydrate/energy metabolism and mitochondrial function.

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