A population policy for Peru

IPPF WHR News Serv. 1976 Oct 22;4(5):1.


PIP: the Peruvian government has drafted a population policy which is incorporated within the general development plans for the nation. Broad aims of the policy are to insure the objectives of development and national security. More specific aims of the population policy are: 1) to reduce morbidity/mortality rates; 2) to achieve a better population distribution within national boundaries; and 3) to achieve a level of growth consistent with national development plans while, at the same time, respecting the free choice of each individual family. Attention will be focused on areas where there is unmet demand and areas where the need is greater and more serious. Financing is expected to come from internal sources. The population policy reiterates that the demographic problem derives from rather than contributing to underdevelopment. Stabiity of the family seems to be an overriding concern of the Peruvian government.

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