Cervical priming before first trimester aspiration abortion: a single blind study comparing gemeprost 1 mg and prostaglandin E2 10 mg pessaries

J Obstet Gynaecol (Lahore). 1990 Oct;10(6):513-7. doi: 10.3109/01443619009151257.


PIP: 1030 patients were studied in 1 of the largest single center prospective random trials which assessed the effects of 2 prostaglandin (PG) vaginal pessaries on cervical dilatation and compliance during 1st trimester abortion by uterine aspiration under general anesthesia. Gemeprost 1 mg pessaries inserted 1-4 hours prior to surgery produced marginally greater cervical dilatation and less operative blood loss than PGE2 10 mg pessaries with a reduction in distressing preoperative side effects. No reduction in effect on the cervix was ascertained if pessaries were inserted for only 1-2 hours as compared with 3-4 hours. Postoperative side effects and later complications were infrequent and similar with both preparations. Gemeprost 1 mg pessaries are thus preferable to PGE2 10 mg pessaries for this purpose.

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