Pattern of sexually transmitted diseases in Allahabad

Indian J Sex Transm Dis. 1990;11(1):6-8.


PIP: The distribution of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in 1922 consecutive patients of the PG Department of Medicine, MLN Medical College, Allahabad, India, from 1978-1988 is reviewed. 95.3% were male; ages ranged from 4 months-72 years; most were aged 20-29 years old. The STDs found in descending order were chancroid in 33.1%, gonorrhea 21.3%, syphilis 16.7%, genital herpes 13.9%, venereal warts 5.41%, balanoposthitis 3.6%, Donovanosis 3.02%, condyloma accuminata 2.5%, lymphogranuloma venereum 1.46%, and molluscum contagiosum 0.62%. 1.14% were mixed infections. In women secondary syphilis was the most common infection. Men almost always reported prostitutes as the source of their illness, while women always cited spouses: 86% of husbands of infected married women had evidence of STDs.

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