Diary of a vasectomy: a report from the cutting edge

Am Health. Jul-Aug 1993;12(6):70-5.


PIP: Approximately 13% of all married Americans depend upon vasectomy to control their fertility. This method is 99.9% effective in preventing unwanted conception. A 36-year old Baltimore talk show writes about his recent experience having a vasectomy. The man and his wife have already had 2 children and desire to have no others. They wanted, however, to continue having sex without depending upon physical barriers or methods which would significantly alter the body chemistry of either individual. After discussing their family planning options for a few years, the couple opted for vasectomy as the least invasive method which was also least likely to alter hormones. The surgical procedure as well as some related events and feelings in the preceding and postoperative days are described. Contrary to fears which some men may have about adverse side effects of vasectomy, the author reports having frequent erections and fulfilling orgasms like before surgery. Insets discuss improved techniques, the reversal of sterilization, and the link between vasectomy and prostate cancer.

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