International Conference on Population and Development: year-end update

Earth Negot Bull. 1993 Dec 21;6(14):1-4.


PIP: This report is an update for the period during September-December 1993 on the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The report summarizes the UN General Assembly's annotated outline of the Cairo document on the preamble, responsibilities, and implementation. A brief history of the ICPD is given as well as a summary of the roundtable discussions among a number of governments and agencies (Germany, Switzerland,UNFPA, ESCAP, the International Academy of the Environment, the UN Environmental Program, the Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation, and the nongovernmental organization (NGO) planning committee of the ICPD). The General Assembly identifies the topic of responsibility as the recognition of the link between population, sustained economic growth, and sustainable development; gender equality and empowerment of women; the family composition; population growth and structure; reproductive rights and health and family planning; health and mortality; population distribution; and international migration. Implementation concerns include IEC, capacity building, technology, national action, international cooperation, partnerships between NGOs and private or community groups, and follow-up. During the Second Committee meeting comments are reported to have been solicited about the outline. Dr. Nafis Sadik, as ICPD Secretary General, helped 92 countries prepare national population reports and to establish public awareness of population and development issues. 50 countries have population reports. Delegates are being asked to endorse the ECOSOC resolution 1991/93 (A/48/430) and the annotated outline of the final document (A/48/430/Add.1). The annotated outline debates are summarized. Dr. Sadik summarizes 15 points on improvements to the document. A draft incorporating improvements is expected to be ready in January 1994 and discussed at the third session of the ICPD preparatory committee meeting in April 1994. The ICPD Preparatory Committee is incorporated as a subsidiary body into the General Assembly by adoption of resolution A/C.2/48/L.11/Rev.1.

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