[Territorial mobility of women in Neuquina localities]

Bol SIDEMA. 1995;5(12):1-6.
[Article in Spanish]


PIP: The Argentinean province of Neuquen, which has the second highest population growth rate in Argentina, has experienced a high degree of territorial mobility of both sexes since the 1970s. Census and survey data were used to study migratory movements since 1970 in three localities in western Neuquen that had high rates of female migration. One of them, San Martin de los Andes, had a 1991 population of 14,431 and an average annual rate of growth of 42/1000 between 1970 and 1991. Natives of Neuquen represented 54% of the population in 1970 and 60% in 1991. The proportion of migrants from other provinces was 30% in 1970 and 27.3% in 1991, while that of foreigners declined from 16.5% to 12.7%. The great majority of foreigners were from Chile. The proportion of women from other countries, although declining, exceeded that of men in 1970 and in 1991. Most of the population 0-19 years old was born in the province of Neuquen. In the age group 20-64, only about half were natives of the province. Comparison of the educational levels of female migrants from different places of origin showed significant differences. Tourism in San Martin de los Andes has generated employment, much of it seasonal. Female migrants from other provinces arrived after 1980 for the most part and were 20-40 years old. Most of the Chilean women arrived between 1970 and 1980 and had a greater age range. Women from other parts of Neuquen province were mostly over 40 and had the lowest educational level, with many not completing primary school. Migrants from metropolitan Buenos Aires and other nonneighboring provinces had the highest educational level, followed by the Chileans. Natives of San Martin de los Andes were more educated than those from other parts of Neuquen province, but less educated than the other groups. The women who migrated had many reasons for doing so, but the search for work was an important motivation.

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