The disease of AIDS is a critical community problem

World Neighb Action. 1988;18(4E):1-4.


PIP: Suggestions are offered for community workers on how to discuss acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in a stimulating way, answering questions and enabling communities to understand the many problems created by AIDS. A story or play is useful to start discussion of AIDS, for instance one opening with the funeral of a young village man who had been working in the city. Men are talking about his life and death with the following highlights: social lifestyle in the village and city; features of the sickness and death; the fact that a neighbor's daughter has similar symptoms; effects on the dead man's wife and infant; and the confusion and anxiety of the whole community. Discussion of the play should focus on what is seen, what is happening, how the play relates to the community, why the events happened, and the possible solutions. The community worker will need different approaches to different groups, based upon particular interests and motivations.

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