Dr. Philip Li trains U.S. doctors in no-scalpel vasectomy

AVSC News. 1991 Dec;29(4):5.


PIP: Dr. Philip Shihua Li, a research investigator for the Population Council and microsurgery instructor of urology at Cornell, is one of about 15 physicians who provide training in no-scalpel vasectomy through programs sponsored by the Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception (AVSC). Since 1988, Dr. Li has trained over 65 doctors in the US on the technique, helping doctors practice the no-scalpel vasectomy using a scrotal model and observing them perform the procedure on the operating table. An essential part of Dr. Li's training centers around practice on the scrotal model, which consists of a gauze-like material that simulates the scrotal skin and a strip of plastic tubing that represents the vas deferens. The model allows the trainees to practice each step of the procedure and become adept at handling the 2 specialized instruments required to perform the no-scalpel vasectomy. The doctors usually spend 1 or 2 hours practicing on the scrotal model. Recently, Dr. Li visited Houston, Miami, San Antonio, St. Petersburg, and West Palm Beach to train 17 physicians on the technique. In some cases the surgeons underwent refresher courses; others learned about the technique for the first time. Following Dr. Li's visit, the local media in 3 of the cities ran stories about the no-scalpel vasectomy. In Houston, for example, one of the doctors who had undergone the training performed the procedure on a sports announcer for live television. According to Dr. Li, most patients who undergo the operation are "cooperative and very happy" with the technique, and surgeons are exited over the fact that the procedure involves very limited pain and bleeding.

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