Pregnancy and sexuality among Georgia teenagers

Ga Epidemiol Rep. 1993 Feb;9(2):1-3.


PIP: The 1991 Georgia Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows that around 25% of secondary school male students had first sexual intercourse by age 13 and around 45% by age 14.5. 22% of female students had intercourse by age 15 and 49% by age 17. Boys in the 9th grade were more likely than girls to have had more than one sexual partner (51.2% vs. 22.9%). 12th grade boys were more likely to have had at least 2 sexual partners than 12th grade girls (65.4% vs. 47.1%). In 1990, in Georgia, there were 32,895 teenage pregnancies. 71.2% of these resulted in live births, 4% in still births, and 24.8% in induced abortions. Blacks younger than age 16 were more likely to have conceived than Whites. Among 17-19 year olds, however, Whites were more likely to have conceived than Black. The 1990 Georgia census shows the pregnancy rate for 15-, 16-, and 17-year-olds to be 5.6%, 9.4%, and 13.5%, respectively. Girls who became pregnant when they were less than 14 years old had less schooling than did those who became pregnant at age 17 (7.2 vs. 10.5 years). 17-year-olds were more likely to name the father on the birth certificate than were the youngest girls (63% vs. 30%). 37% of 17-year-old mothers had also had an earlier pregnancy. Blacks were more likely than Whites to not name the father on the birth certificate, be unmarried, and have had earlier pregnancies. Whites were more likely to smoke than Blacks (20-25% vs. 1-3%). Blacks were more likely to deliver a low-birth-weight infant than Whites (14% vs. 8%). These results reveal a high rate of pregnancy and sexual activity among teenagers in Georgia. Indicating a need for parents, teachers, and community leaders to become trained to help prevent the health risks of sexual activity and to promote sexual abstinence. The higher risk of sexual activity and number of sexual partners among boys shows a need to target them.

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