Trichomoniasis and candidiasis in consorts of females with vaginal discharge

Indian J Sex Transm Dis. 1990;11(2):54-6.


PIP: The prevalence of trichomoniasis and candidiasis in partners of 59 women with candidiasis and 33 with trichomoniasis was determined in relation to condom use and personal hygiene. Overall 60.1% of male partners of women with candidiasis, and 47.5% of partners of women with trichomonas harbored the respective infections. 85.6% of partners who had coitus 4 or more times weekly, compared to 24% of those who did so less frequently, were infected. 6 of 39 who used condoms (14.6%), compared to 45 of the 53 who did not (85.4%) were infected. 20.8% of the men who washed and voided after intercourse, as opposed to 79.2% who did not, were infected.

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