Commission on Sustainable Development: year-end update

Earth Negot Bull. 1993 Dec 21;5(13):1-6.


PIP: The second meeting of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) will be held in May 1994. A workshop on the transfer and development of environmentally sound technologies was held in October 1993 in Norway. Over 40 professionals attended the environmental technology workshops on supply and demand issues and new initiatives. Priority was given to information and training needs among decision-makers in the South about management in the North, the need for benchmarking at the firm level, upgrading of environmental standards, documentation of environmentally-oriented technical assistance, and ineffective regulation. There is a clear need for a global financial tool for addressing local problems. Research is needed that defines the nature of environmental problems and documents new innovations and improvements in methodology. The November 1993 Colombia Conference on Technology Transfer focused on processes that "minimize, treat, recycle, and minimize liquid waste and environmentally sound technologies for efficient generation and use of energy for households and small industries." Proposals were offered to improve access to information, monitor discharges and assess risk, improve regulatory mechanisms, finance the acquisition of technology, and strengthen institutions in receiving countries. The Global Environmental Facility (GEF) failed to restructure when negotiations stalled on the issue of the appropriate ratio of seats between countries and who would chair the GEF Executive Council. The GEF was set up to fund activities on global warming, biological diversity, ozone depletion, and international waters. This failure may result in an end to operations in mid-1994, but the failure is not definite. The General Assembly debates about CSD are briefly summarized by country.

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