Right steps can limit AIDS virus

China Popul Today. 1999 Dec;16(6):17.


PIP: According to the latest Health Ministry statistics, 15,088 people in China are infected with HIV. However, experts estimate the actual number of HIV carriers and AIDS patients at around 400,000. Such estimation is attributed to the rise in prostitution and drug addiction in the country. In a seminar on HIV/AIDS prevention and control, Chen Xianyi from the Ministry of Health said that the number of HIV/AIDS carriers and patients is projected to hit 10 million in the year 2010. Nevertheless, with effective control and prevention methods, and by promoting public awareness, this number could be limited to 1.5 million. The common perception of many Chinese is that AIDS sufferers are immoral people, since it is believed that the disease stems from illicit sex and immoral behavior, adding to the difficulty in AIDS prevention and control.

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