Spectroscopic characterization and ligand-binding properties of chlorite dismutase from the chlorate respiring bacterial strain GR-1

Eur J Biochem. 2002 Oct;269(19):4905-11. doi: 10.1046/j.1432-1033.2002.03208.x.


Chlorite dismutase (EC, an enzyme capable of reducing chlorite to chloride while producing molecular oxygen, has been characterized using EPR and optical spectroscopy. The EPR spectrum of GR-1 chlorite dismutase shows two different high-spin ferric heme species, which we have designated 'narrow' (gx,y,z = 6.24, 5.42, 2.00) and 'broad' (gz,y,x = 6.70, 5.02, 2.00). Spectroscopic evidence is presented for a proximal histidine co-ordinating the heme iron center of the enzyme. The UV/visible spectrum of the ferrous enzyme and EPR spectra of the ferric hydroxide and imidazole adducts are characteristic of a heme protein with an axial histidine co-ordinating the iron. Furthermore, the substrate analogs nitrite and hydrogen peroxide have been found to bind to ferric chlorite dismutase. EPR spectroscopy of the hydrogen peroxide adduct shows the loss of both high-spin and low-spin ferric signals and the appearance of a sharp radical signal. The NO adduct of the ferrous enzyme exhibits a low-spin EPR signal typical of a five-co-ordinate heme iron nitrosyl adduct. It seems that the bond between the proximal histidine and the iron is weak and can be broken upon binding of NO. The midpoint potential, Em(Fe3+/2+) = -23 mV, of chlorite dismutase is higher than for most heme enzymes. The spectroscopic features and redox properties of chlorite dismutase are more similar to the gas-sensing hemoproteins, such as guanylate cyclase and the globins, than to the heme enzymes.

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