Comparative Linkage Map of the Solanum Lycopersicoides and S. Sitiens Genomes and Their Differentiation From Tomato

Genome. 2002 Dec;45(6):1003-12. doi: 10.1139/g02-066.


The wild nightshades Solanum lycopersicoides and Solanum sitiens are closely affiliated with the tomatoes (Lycopersicon spp.). Intergeneric hybridization with cultivated tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is impeded by strong reproductive barriers including hybrid sterility and suppressed recombination. Conservation of genome structure between these nightshades and tomato was studied by construction of a genetic map from F2 S. sitiens x S. lycopersicoides and comparison with existing maps of tomato. Owing to self-incompatibility of the F1, two hybrid plants were crossed to obtain a population of 82 F2 individuals. Using 166 previously mapped RFLP markers and 5 restriction enzymes, 101 loci polymorphic in the S. sitiens x S. lycopersicoides population were identified. Analysis of linkage between the markers resulted in a map with 12 linkage groups covering 1192 cM and one unlinked marker. Recombination rates were similar to those observed in tomato; however, significant segregation distortion was observed for markers on 7 out of the 12 chromosomes. All chromosomes were colinear with the tomato map, except for chromosome 10, where a paracentric inversion on the long arm was detected. In this region, S. sitiens and S. lycopersicoides share the same chromosomal configuration previously reported for potato (S. tuberosum) and pepper (Capsicum), suggesting that of tomato is derived. The 10L inversion explains the lack of recombination detected among homeologous chromosomes of intergeneric hybrids in this region. On this basis, we recognize two principle genomes, designated L for the Lycopersicon spp., and S for S. lycopersicoides and S. sitiens, the first examples of structural differentiation between tomato and its cross-compatible wild relatives.

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