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, 31 (1), 499-501

The RESID Database of Protein Modifications: 2003 Developments


The RESID Database of Protein Modifications: 2003 Developments

John S Garavelli. Nucleic Acids Res.


The RESID Database is a comprehensive collection of annotations and structures for protein pre-, co- and post-translational modifications including amino-terminal, carboxyl-terminal and peptide chain cross-link modifications. The RESID Database includes: systematic and alternate names, atomic formulas and masses, enzyme activities generating the modifications, keywords, literature citations, Gene Ontology cross-references, Protein Information Resource (PIR) and SWISS-PROT protein sequence database feature table annotations, structure diagrams and molecular models. This database is freely accessible on the Internet through the European Bioinformatics Institute at, through the National Cancer Institute - Frederick Advanced Biomedical Computing Center at, or through the Protein Information Resource at

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