Molecular linkage map of Einkorn wheat: mapping of storage-protein and soft-glume genes and bread-making quality QTLs

Genet Res. 2002 Oct;80(2):131-43. doi: 10.1017/s001667230200575x.


Two molecular maps of Triticum monococcum L were produced and integrated. The integrated map includes a total of 477 markers, 32 RFLPs, 438 AFLPs, one morphological (soft glume (Sog)) and six storage-protein markers, and covers 856 cM. The trait Sog with the recessive allele sog maps to linkage group 2S. Probably, this is the T. monococcum homologue of Tg and Tg2 in hexaploid and tetraploid wheats, respectively. Loci coding for seed storage proteins were allocated to chromosomes 1L (HMW GLU1,2 and Glu1), 1S (LMW GLU6,7, LMW GLU1-4, omega GLI1-4, gamma GLI5 and Gli-1) and 6L (alpha/beta GLI7-14). Parameters related to bread-making quality (SDS sedimentation volume, specific sedimentation volume (SSV) and total protein content) were studied in one of the two populations. A QTL that is consistently present across environments was detected for SDS sedimentation volume and for SSV. The position of the QTL on chromosome 1S was in close agreement with the map positions of storage-protein loci. A second QTL was mapped on chromosome 5. For protein content, two significant QTLs were mapped to linkage groups 1 and 5.

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