Arunadatta and Hemadri scholars of Ashtanga Hridaya

Bull Indian Inst Hist Med Hyderabad. 1997 Jan;27(1):25-32.


Arunadatta who wrote the famous 'Sarvanga Sundara' commentary on Ashtanga Hridaya, was the son of Mrigankadatta and a multi-farious scholar having vast knowledge of several branches of ancient learnings. It is said that he was a native of Bengal and lived in the early period of 13th century, earlier to Hemadri. It is also believed that apart from the Sarvanga Sundara commentary, he wrote a commentary on Sushruta Samahita also and composed another work entitled 'Manushyala Chandrika' dealing and geology and architecture. Hemandra was an eminent scholar who wrote the famous commentary on Ashtanga Hridya entitled Ayurveda Rasayana. This commentary has commanded great respect from all the Ayurvedic scholars for being an erudite dissertation. Besides this work it is also believed, that, he wrote several other works such as Chaturvarga Chintamani, Sraddhapaddhati, Hemadriprayoya etc.

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