Endogenous amylin contributes to the anorectic effects of cholecystokinin and bombesin

Peptides. 2003 Jan;24(1):91-8. doi: 10.1016/s0196-9781(02)00280-2.


Previous studies indicated that amylin contributes to the anorectic effects of cholecystokinin (CCK) and bombesin (BBS), possibly by enhancing the release of pancreatic amylin or by modulating their anorectic actions within the central nervous system (CNS). To elucidate the interaction between amylin and CCK or BBS, respectively, we investigated the influence of an IP injection of CCK or BBS on feeding in amylin-deficient mice (IAPP(-/-)). The anorectic effects of CCK and BBS were nearly abolished in IAPP(-/-) mice compared to wildtype (WT) mice (e.g. 20 microg/kg CCK, 1-h food intake: WT/NaCl 0.53 +/- 0.03 g; WT/CCK 0.16 +/- 0.03 g (P < 0.001); IAPP(-/-)/NaCl 0.49 +/- 0.05 g; IAPP(-/-)/CCK 0.39 +/- 0.04 g). Acute amylin replacement restored the anorectic effect of CCK in IAPP(-/-) mice. To find out whether CCK or BBS enhance the feeding-induced release of pancreatic amylin, we injected rats with CCK-8 (0.5-50 microg/kg) or BBS (5 microg/kg) and measured plasma amylin levels after injections. Neither CCK nor BBS increased the plasma amylin level in rats. We suggest that the mediation of the anorectic effects of CCK and BBS by amylin is not dependent on a CCK- or BBS-induced release of pancreatic amylin, but may rather be due to a modulation of their effects by amylin within the CNS.

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