Inheritance and expression of the cry1Ab gene in Bt ( Bacillus thuringiensis) transgenic rice

Theor Appl Genet. 2002 Mar;104(4):727-734. doi: 10.1007/s001220100689.


The inheritance and expression patterns of the cry1Ab gene were studied in the progenies derived from different Bt ( Bacillus thuringiensis) transgenic japonica rice lines under field conditions. Both Mendelian and distorted segregation ratios were observed in some selfed and crossed F(2) populations. Crosses between japonica intra-subspecies had no significant effect on the segregation ratios of the cry1Ab gene, but crossing between japonica and indicainter-subspecies led to distorted segregation of the cry1Ab gene in the F(2)population. Field-release experiments indicated that the cry1Ab gene was stably transmitted in an intact manner via successive sexual generations, and the concentration of the Cry1Ab protein was kept quantitatively stable up to the R(6)generation. The cry1Ab gene, driven by the maize ubiquitinpromoter, displayed certain kinds of spatial and temporal expression patterns under field conditions. The content of the Cry1Ab protein varied in different tissues of the main stems, the primary tillers and the secondary tillers. Higher levels of the Cry1Ab protein were found in the stems, leaves and leaf sheaths than in the roots, while the lowest level was detected in grains at the maturation stage. The content of the Cry1Ab protein in the leaves peaked at the booting stage and was lowest at the heading stage. Furthermore, the Cry1Ab content of cry1Ab expression in different tissues of transgenic rice varied individually with temperature.